We only stock baby lock because we think it is simply the best machine you can buy!

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the baby lock shop

The baby lock shop is your specialist dealer for  Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire and UK online sales. 

Your one-stop place for baby lock overlockers, cover stitch, combination machines, the Sashiko machine and baby lock accessories.

Jane is trained by baby lock and can guide you  to the perfect model for your sewing needs now and in the future.

All machines supplied us come with a 1:1 tutorial* online or at the studio

We pride ourselves on our outstanding aftercare, tuition and workshops with expert tutors.

baby lock specifications

baby lock Gloria

The baby lock range features Jet-Air,  ExtraOdinaire or RevolutionAir looper threading. With a woosh of air the loopers are threaded!

The Automatic Thread Delivery system* gives a perfectly balanced stitch every time - whatever the fabric.

All overlockers come with a built-in needle threader.   The Acclaim overlocker and Gloria combi machine have air-threading  needles - an industry first!

Add the stitch length and width adjustment, stitch selector and differential feed and you have a machine for all your sewing needs.

Training and support

Getting started  with your new baby lock couldn't be easier with our new owner tutorial and baby lock's comprehensive manual.

Join our private Facebook group  for support.

Go further with your baby lock machine with our specialist workshops .

Extend your machine's capabilities with optional additional specialist feed and equipment - from the amazing binding foot to the gathering foot, baby lock has an accessory for your sewing project.

Be part of the baby lock journey!

baby lock owners are saying ...

Wow, should have got one years ago!

Well, all I can say is,"WOW!!!!". I should gave bought one years ago. Having used a basic machine  I now really appreciate the baby lock.

My dearly beloved hubby is heading out for fish and chips for tea, just so that I can play all evening!!


baby lock Gloria - baby lock shop



Effficient, helpful and speedy service

The Babylock Acclaim I ordered from you arrived yesterday.

Thank you for a very efficient, helpful and speedy service.

I am really delighted with the machine and can’t wait to get started.

baby lock Acclaim - baby lock shop


North Wales

Air threading - what a breeze

I've  had other brands of overlocker and coverstitch machines but didn't find them reliable enougth to run a designer/maker business.

The  Enlighten and coverstitch machines have made my life so much easier, more productive and professional.

baby lock air threading loopers


North Lincolnshire

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