50 years of innovation

The vision of two employees of a Japanese industrial overlocker manufacturer led to the world's first overlock machine developed and built for home use. Their 'baby' overlocker has revolutionised the home sewing market.

After 50 years of excellence and innovation, baby lock stays true to its aim to deliver only the highest quality and ease of use to customers.

baby lock machines are hand-built at their factory in Japan in limited quanities each year. Each machine is extensively tested by baby lock's trained sewers, who stitch 30 different seams to guarantee the highest quality before delivery. Every looper is polished, inspected, tested and fine-tuned by hand.

baby lock are so confident in their product they offer a 2 year warranty which the new owner can extent to 4!

Here at the baby lock shop we offer you individualised advice. We are not here to just sell you the most expensive machine. We want to help you to purchase the model that best suits your sewing now and in the future.

Spread the cost with baby lock's 0% finance on all models.

We offer all baby lock shop purchasers an in-person or Zoom tutorial to get you up and running confidently with your machine.

We are here beyond your initial purchase with ongoing support and workshops with our baby lock trained tutors.

You can also join our Facebook group baby lock shop UK sales | support | tuition and share your love of sewing - and baby lock.

We love our baby lock machines and are here to help you love yours!

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Air-threading closed looper system

Insert the thread into a looper port, push the lever or button and,  with a shot of air, the looper is threaded  automatically through the enclosed looper tubes.

This innovative system has eliminated looper threading and stitching problems.

Never be outwitted by your looper again!

baby lock thread delivery system

Automatic thread delivery system

Only available from baby lock, the  ATD*, stitch selector lever and foot sensor delivers a length of thread to each looper and needle the correct length for the fabric weight giving a perfectly balance stitch tension every time.

Thread in any order and the threads are automatically picked up on the surface.

baby lock straight needle system

Needles enter fabric straight, not angled

The needles enter the fabric at 45 degrees not at an angle like other brands.

This gives more power for a greater range of fabrics and helps to eliminate skipped stitches.




baby lock stitch length dial

Stitch length dial

Easily adjust the stitch length up to 4mm to match the fabric weight or decorative effect.

The dial is positioned to make changing the stitch length mid seam easy.

baby lock stitch width dial

Stitch width dial

Full adjustment from 5.5 to 7.5 mm.

The cutter and stitch finger move together ensuring there is no gap and loopy stitches and turning corners is much easier.

Select M for a 1/4 inch seam.

baby lock three thread rollec hemming

Rolled and narrow hemming

Turn the stitch length dial to set the rolled hem and rotate and remove the stitch finger in one action.

Use decorative threads in the upper looper for a beautiful finish.  

Hems on delicate fabrics are so simple..


baby lock differential feed

Differential feed

Fine tune the feed dog speed to eliminate an over stretched, wavy or puckered edge with the differential feed.

Use to delibrately gather fabric or create a lettuce leaf rolled hem.

baby lock Gloria and Acclaim jet air threading needle system

Needle threaders

No more struggling to thread the needles on overlockers with the built-in needle threader.

The Gloria and Acclaim features air-threading needles - an industry first!

baby lock auxillery looper

Auxillery looper

The overlocker built-in auxiliary looper / converter can be easily activated to remove the upper looper for a two-thread flat locking.

Perfect for leisure and sportswear.

baby lock cover stitch chaining off

Chaining off cover stitch

Adjust the stitch length to 4 and machine off the end of the fabric. Chaining will continue without the frustration of breaking threads.

Chain stitch and the chain can be used for decorative details.

baby lock wider throad on the Gloria and Ovation

Wider machine throat

Featured on the Ovation and Gloria, the wider throat allows room for bigger projects.

The extra room makes changing the needles easier.

peace of mind with baby lock's warranty - register your machine to extend 2 years to 4

Extend 2 years to 4!

All baby lock machines are supplied with a 2 year warranty.

Register your machine with baby lock to extend the warranty to 4..Peace of mind for trouble free sewing.

* Not available on the Enspire and Cover Stitch machine

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