baby lock Gloria combination overlocker and cover stitch machine

The Gloria's air-threading needles are an industry first!

  • RevolutionAir looper and needle threading system
  • Automatic thread delivery sytem
  • LED light
  • Variable speed control
  • Long throat space of 140 mm
  • Knee lift
  • Stitch length 0.75 to 4mm
  • Stitch width selector dial
  • Front presser foot lever
  • 2-stage presser foot extra height up to 8mm
  • Differential feet
  • Presser foot pressure adustment
  • 3 and 4 thread overlocking
  • 2 thread flat locking
  • Narrow and rolled hemming
  • Wave stitch
  • short distance between upper knife and needle for easy sewing round curves
  • Chain stitch
  • Triple cover stith 6 mm wide
  • Double cover stitch 3 and 6 mm wide
  • Chaining off
  • Combination 5, 6, 7 or 8 thread safety seam and decorative stitching
  • 34 optional accessories
  • *Free introductory tuition session either in person or via Zoom. T&C's apply.
  • 2 year warranty can be extended to 4

£3515 collect in person or free home delivery

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baby lock's combination overlocker/cover stitch machine, GLORIA, adds air-threading needles to the air-threading loopers and auto tension - an industry first!

Watch baby lock Educator Jan's tutorial and revolutionise your sewing with  this fabulous machine.

RevolutionAir looper threading system

baby lock RevoluntionAir looper threading

RevolutionAir needle threading system

baby lock Gloria RevolutionAir needle threading

Higher lift presser foot up to 8 mm

baby lock higher lift presser foot

Improved cover looper thread path

baby lock improved easy to use cover looper thread path

wider throat space

baby lock Gloria wider throat space

Differential feed

baby lock differential feed

Two thread overlocking

baby lock auxillery looper

LED light

baby lock LED light

Wave stitch

baby lock Gloria decorative wave stitch

8 thread stitching

baby lock Gloria 8 thread safety seam and decorative stitching

7 thread decorative stitch

baby lock combination machine 7 thead decorative wave stitch

Flat lock wave stitch

baby lock combination machine flat lock wave stitch

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